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Monday, July 19, 2010


written by: Tamara Lesley

The God Source Is Within You
Open your mind to the Oneness of God and to the profound abilities of the human mind. For in God there lies a secret passageway to the mind, through opening up to eternal, external thought coming from within and without, accepting the super conscious mind source.

Accepting the God spirit within you allows your thoughts to be limitless. The totality of the God source is you in perfection for in life there is no death, only a crossing over to the world from whence we came. Where our thoughts crystalize and the imagination manifests that which it seeks. Where your thoughts for tomorrow, are in existence in the here and now. Time no longer has its boundaries either in the mind or in life itself. The totality of the God source is you in perfection.

I would say to you to take life easy day to day. If that is too difficult, live for the moment. That is all that matters, what is happening in this time and space. All of your worries and fears will be allayed if you will believe in you. For today is such a small spectrum of your time which builds upon all other experiences in your journey through life. What is important is the love that you give to yourself to complete the circle of unending love given to you from God above.

Open your soul to the full knowledge that all living things are pure energy sent from the Heavens. An energy that is sent with love and devotion to our souls growth.
Expand your mind to accept the many dimensions of changes that you alone can affect in both your life and your loved ones.

Accept the God source within, love your self and let your light shine. Many dimensions consume us with thoughts, emotions and the knowledge that there is more to see than meets the eye. May I leave you with thoughts of the unknown that will enhance your life with the search for eternal knowledge from God and help you to open to the many gifts that the Holy Spirit, your guides and Angels want to impart to you. I leave you with love and blessings for a loving and prosperous life.

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